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Convergence Insufficiency and Attention Disorders

The symptoms of convergence insufficiency can make it difficult for a child to concentrate on extended reading and may overlap with those of ADHD. The recent CITT study showed that 45% of the children with convergence insufficiency reported attention problems. Others studies have demonstrated similar results. For example, Granet found report a three-fold greater incidence of ADHD among patients with convergence insufficiency when compared with the incidence of ADHD in the general US population (1.8–3.3%). They also reported a three-fold greater incidence of convergence insufficiency in the ADHD population. The authors concluded that until further studies are performed, patients diagnosed with ADHD should be evaluated to identify the whether they may have convergence insufficiency.

Relevant Publications are Listed below:

  1. Borsting E, Rouse M, Chu R. Measuring ADHD behaviors in children with symptomatic accommodative dysfunction or convergence insufficiency: a preliminary study. Optometry 2005;76:588-92.
  2. Granet DB, Gomi CF, Ventura R, Miller-Scholte A. The relationship between convergence insufficiency and ADHD. Strabismus 2005;13:163-68.
  3. Gronlund MA, Aring E, Landgren M, Hellstrom A. Visual function and ocular features in children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, with and without treatment with stimulants. Eye 2007;21:494-502.

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